About The #COVID Lifestyle.

Welcome To TCL

Look around & get the vibe for our tribe as we join you in  (struggling) learning how to adapt to The #COVID Lifestyle!

TCL will will keep you in the know on all things we find notable in what is considered our new daily norm  these days.  All TCL media channels focus on topics, memes and other generally uncategorizable sharings that have helped us or amused us, 


Disclaimer: please do keep in mind the intention behind my creating this pop-up, hybrid media outlet: which is intended to help the masses transition to what we are all becoming familisr with as our new norm. And even if this is al 'only temporary' that is irrelevant in tbe ability to adapt with ease, That said, this challenging time could afford to be frosted with some positivity AND sprinkled with some humor, because let's be homest: if we don't laugh, we may all cry. Hopefully you too will find the content we share either useful or funny or both; if neither then you're probably on the wrong website. 🤪

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