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Delivered 2 Ur Step Sans The Schlep

Delivered 2 Ur Step Sans The Schlep


Carb out while you hide out! PSYCH! 

Don't lose track of your diet just because you are on lockdown. We have your meal prep all ready for you: After you DL the apps we mentioned in our Sans Schlep piece  (unless you already have the food needed) you will be prepped to then browse these awesome Keto recipes. Hey, wouldn't it be nice to drop 20 lbs while in hiding?

#COVID KETO:meal prep tips, easy recipes and yum inspo to ensure you do NOT let this already bleek sitch of a non-perishables-only diet get the best of you, or your beach bod. Summer is around the corner, and yes, it is coming. Plus, as we all know, KETO brings with it what is called "mothball breath" 😖 So, why not just skip the whole "going out in public while keto'ing thing" and get it done while living The #COVID Life?

Check out our designated Pinterest board full of tips, tricks, recipes and memes that you can save right to your phone. This solely dedicated to The #COVID Life Gone KETO - see it here. 

Delivered 2 Ur Step Sans The Schlep

Delivered 2 Ur Step Sans The Schlep

Delivered 2 Ur Step Sans The Schlep


<90 second read.

I have gotten several emails in the past two days, all asking the same thing: how can we get the food and or everyday items we need during this #COVID crisis without going to the store ourselves? Whether you fall within the ’elderly’ or high risk zone, have an underlying condition or straight up just don't have the time, this Godsent of an app (and a second app suggestion included below as well!) will literally save your life, and your time, in more ways than one.

As we know, we have all been mindful of staying in a bit more than the norm (this past week especially) thanks to #covid running, sprinting, through our communities at a rather alarming pace. And, while we all share in the fear (varying levels) that CV has brought with it, many of us have also been searching for an answer to exactly this: an alternative to going to the food stores (and or liquor stores people!) ourselves! Well, search no more! (and no, this is not a sponsored articles nor is this sponsored content! This is actually how I personally avoid the food store on a regular basis!)

So, here is the scoop:  

Simply go to the app store (on your iPhone) and download the free app called INSTACART. Instacart is a FABULOUS app (and did I mention free!?) that allows you to simply punch in your zip code (of wherever you want your items delivered, typically your home or the home of wherever you are) and in turn, it provides you with an immediate list of all local vendors who participate in their service of having someone shop your list ofiems at your chosen store of preference AND they deliver it right to your door for a small fee, literally starting at $1.50! Seriously!You can actually, virtually, browse the aisles and select whatever itemsyou want to purchase, you can even choose alternative items that you pre-approve in the case that said store is out of your first choice brand of said item) and then have all of them delivered (at the time of your choosing, as soon as within one hour, same day nonetheless! Or schedule them to be delivered tomorrow, etc.!) 

(What stores?)

For Fairfield County a few of the stores that you can e-shop at via Instacart and have delivered to you are: Costco, Fairway and Fairway Liquor, Kings Market, Balduccis and Balduccis Liquor & Wine, Target, CVS, and many more! 

(How many stores can I shop at once?) 

You can also have multiple ’carts’ going at once, this making the selecting of various items from multiple and different stores possible!  And, simultaneously, have different people shopping each list you created, and then having each person deliver each list of items directly to you, ALL as soon as within the hour!

(Any restrictions?)

The list you create via Instacart is limitless in the number of items and has zero restrictions for the type of items you need shopped. (This fact also assists in making it super easy to justify the small fee that comes with the delivery of each list, especially when you have huge weekly shopping for a full household!) 

(Can I contact Thr shoperor vice vr

Additionally, the shopper is able to private message you through the app while they are shopping (you can also set for preferences so they cannot reach you if you prefer!) in the case that they have a specific questio. I personally can say that in my experienxe 99.9% of the time every shopper I had had has been super thorough and diligent in their success of ticking each item off my varied lists! (This app also conveniently provides the number of hours you have saved shopping the stores yourself after you place each order, this too helps with the justifying of the already small fee!) 

Need a list completed and delivered within a certain time frame but have to run out? No sweat, Instacart has got you covered! You can add a note to your shopper upon ”check out” specifying your instructions such as ”leave at the front door” or ”please do not ring bell-sleeping baby!” and you can simply bring the groceries inside upon your return and or when the app notifies you of the delivery being complete! (PS: just remember to get back within a few minutes if you have parishables on the list!) 

Simply upload your credit or debit card and the items will be paid for with said payment method, which you can double check via the provided digital receipt (and hardcopy version can be found in the delivery bags.)

A second trick I use is via UBER EATS. No, not just for one meal delivery but rather for numerous special items being delivered. For those of us who want, for example:  a specific bagel from a specific bagel shop, (vs the food store) and for times when said item is not found in the venues found on Instacart, I defer to Uber Eats. Simply plscing an order for a dozen bagels (all the way down to the specifics!) and specialty (flavored even) cream cheese from, say, UCBC (Upper Crust Bagel & Cafe) for instance, rates a whole lot better when it is delivered! Personally, I would rather pay a fee than wait in line. #timeefficiency

And, as one can imagine, this scenario rings true for various resty’s (and venues) beyond bagels! 

So, for all those finding themselves home and low on (particularly but not limited to) food (or household/ everyday) items: be sure to download Instacart and Uber Eats ASAP. And, most of all, get ready to be amazedwith how much easier (and how much more efficient!) your food shopping just got!